A recent visitor to the blog asked about desserts. Are they important to have and why? It depends on the guests. At almost every kind of event, at least one dessert is available for the guests. At some parties, there may be a variety of desserts to choose from, but I can’t remember attending or working any function where at least one choice was not available. So, yes it is very important. It could be a terrible disappointment to have a great meal and not offer a great dessert. Even people who don’t usually eat desserts will allow themselves to indulge at a catered event.

Whenever one choice is available it is almost always a cake. The reason for this is simple. Almost everybody likes cake. It is definitely the best choice for the staff. Cakes can and are made in all shapes and sizes. It is relatively easy to feed the most amounts of people with a large sheet cake or two. All that is needed is a knife and plates.

The only trick is to have a kind of cake that everyone does like and that is easily accomplished by having a variety of fillings in one cake. Your guests will be able to choose their favorite and you’ve only brought one dessert. If you would like choice of different kinds of cake and pies, then a dessert cart may be a good choice.

At other times you may choose to have several different choices from which to pick. A choice between a pudding and an ice, for example, is nice. You could also consider ice cream. A good and healthier choice is to serve a fruit cup or compote.

If the event is to be a large gathering, a dessert station could be set up. This could be very impressive. It is also the best way to offer the widest variety of treats to your guests.

This is another way to free up staff towards the end of a function. Fresh and cut fruit could be offered as a healthy alternative. A variety of chocolates is always nice, along with a variety of cakes, pies and cookies. Another great item could be puddings. Rice, tapioca or just chocolate and vanilla are good choices. A variety of custards could be offered as well. Whatever you choose it is always wise to have a dessert available.

At some events that I have attended , desserts were the only thing available. This is usually a short meeting or party where food is eaten elsewhere or the time is limited to  being devoted to the business at hand . Whatever the event is, always offer a dessert