A catered breakfast can be a lot more than just eggs and bacon. When having a catered breakfast, there are a lot of menu choices of which people seldom think. Eggs are, and will always be, the number one staple for breakfast as we all know. But there are a lot of different ways to serve and prepare them. Some I’m sure you may have never considered and they don’t have to be restricted to breakfast either. They can be served for lunch and dinner as well.

Consider breakfast burritos or tostadas. When eggs are served with Mexican salsa and spices they can seem totally different than what we as Americans are used to eating. There are many variations to serve at a breakfast. To serve them with guacamole and hot sauce with sour cream may surprise a lot of your guests. Other variations can include beef, chicken and a variety of vegetables. A burrito can be stuffed with any variety of ingredients you may imagine. They can also be prepared right in front of your guests or prepared in advanced and served buffet style.

Another way to impress guests at a catered function is to have omelet stations. People are always impressed when food is prepared right before them, specifically for them. Omelets are always a great choice because of the variety of items with which they can be filled. It is such an easy and efficient thing to do at a function. Eggs are also one of the least expensive items to serve.

And most people like them. Table top burners are all that is needed when all of the other ingredients are prepped in advance. Cracking eggs can be somewhat tedious but whole cracked eggs are a great idea and readily available.

Another item, and probably the easiest egg item to serve at a catered event, is soufflés and casseroles. It is also the easiest to serve. They can be prepared in advance and the variety can be endless. They can be prepared with as great a variety of ingredients as omelet. Eggs are probably compatible with more food items than any other food item that you may consider. They can be mixed with beef, chicken, fish, and a variety of cheeses and vegetables.

So whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, consider putting eggs on the menu. They are without a doubt the most versatile food item imaginable.